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While The Carbon Chicken Project is working to revolutionize the industry, we have the benefit of "standing on the shoulder's of giants."

Below you'll find technical resources further defining our technology and the potential for dramatic impact

Biochar Technical Evaluation Report (USDA) - May 2021

This technical report on biochar, prepared for the USDA National Organic Program, provides a comprehensive evaluation of biochar's characteristics, production methods, and agricultural applications. The report highlights biochar's role in improving soil quality, crop yields, and carbon sequestration, emphasizing its potential in mitigating climate change.

It also discusses the parameters that differentiate given batches of biochar, in terms of their feedstock, processing style, and chemical makeup. In general, this report makes it clear that biochar is part of agriculture's long-term future.
Biochar Technical Evaluation Report (USDA) - May 2021 Complied by Savan Group

The 'Terra Preta' Phenomenon (Glaser) - Jan 2001

This fascinating paper that sits at the crossroads of agriculture, geology, and sociology, outlining the discovery and understanding of the first known uses of biochar. 'Terra Preta', a term meaning 'dark earth', refers to highly fertile soil mysteriously uncovered through core samples in the Amazon.

The mystery was: how could the relatively infertile soil support the vast populations that were hinted at being in the region across history? As studies revealed the presence of 'dark earth', more testing confirmed this soil was rich in nutrient content and capacity to hold more stable organic matter compared to surrounding soils. Further testing confirmed this was because of the presence of biochar in the soil.

Thus, it's now understood that using biochar to make large-scale agriculture more sustainable isn't a new idea...it's a thousand-year-old-technique that we are re-discovering just in time. 
The 'Terra Preta' Phenomenon (Glaser) - Jan 2001, Institute of Soil Science and Soil Geography, University of Bayreuth, Germany
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