“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
 - Buckminster Fuller

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What is CC80:20 (And why does it matter?)

Carbon Chicken 80:20 is made of a blend of 80% composted chicken litter and 20% inoculated biochar.

We've engineered this product to revitalize and enhance soil, and  unlike other mixtures using animal refuse and biochar, our potent blend of biochar and composted chicken litter is also enriched with our unique microbial treatment

It’s then pelletized for ease of application and "timed release", making it perfect for everything from potted plants and yards to large-scale farming operations.

Carbon Chicken 80:20 harnesses the transformative power of biochar and the nutrients locked in chicken litter to deliver a powerful combination of benefits for the environment. It reduces water pollution, upcycles waste, enhances soil health, and directly sequesters carbon to reduce CO2 emissions. By choosing CC80:20, you can make a significant contribution to a sustainable future.

Image: CC80:20 product produced at Carbon Innovation Farm April 2024.

What is the Carbon Chicken Project?

Co-founder Jody Hardin has spent over a decade researching and running experiments with biochar, figuring out how it can help farmers big and small in the transition to regenerative farming and Carbon Negative Farming Practices (CNFP). We are operating at the intersection of sustainability and innovation, pioneering a path toward enhanced soil quality and long-term agricultural sustainability.

Nestled in Northwest Arkansas (a region known as the global epicenter for waste poultry litter production) we're turning a critical environmental challenge into an opportunity by upcycling this valuable waste in a way that solves several problems at once. At our headquarters–the Carbon Chicken Innovation Farm–we are developing carbon-negative solutions including our flagship soil amendment product: 
Image: Chicken Litter Composting at Carbon Innovation Farm February 2024, overseen by Co-Founder and COO Sterling Sellers.
Sterling by Composting Windrow of Chicken Litter

Join The 'Project' & Experience The Benefits Today

By choosing Carbon Chicken 80:20, you are improving the microbial activity in your soil, minimizing water runoff, and reducing the need for conventional synthetic fertilizers.

When you apply our Pelletized CC80:20, the timed-release nature of the pellets ensures nutrients are delivered evenly throughout the growing season. And since biochar doesn’t degrade, the biochar component CC80:20 continues to enhance the soil quality year after year.

But the impact doesn’t just stop at better soil and healthier, more productive and beautiful plants. By using CC80:20, you’re reducing pollution in the Illinois River Watershed (IRW) and directly participating in the fight against climate change by sequestering carbon that otherwise would have contributed to CO2 emissions.

Biochar Side-By-Side
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